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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
Spot Cash with 8% Discount from Total List Price
Option 2:
100% payable over 24 months (30 months Promo)
Option 3:
20% Spot Downpayment (No Discount)
80% Balance payable over 36 months
Option 4:
20% Downpayment payable over 12 months
80% Balance payable through In- House Financing

Timberland Heights has been said to be a place where “you can play for the day, escape for the weekend, or stay for a lifetime,” but of course, the last, actually living there is the best of all choices. Banyan Ridge and Timberland Heights affords Filipinos the chance to enjoy a lifestyle that encompasses the best nature has to offer and yet is easy for the conveniences offered by a city.

The offer of both lots and house and lot only means residents can choose between the convenience of a ready to live in house or build the house of their dreams but either way their home will be in idyllic surroundings, free from the hassles of the city.

An investment in Banyan Ridge is more than just an investment in the lifestyle of your family but also a very sound financial investment as homes with the facilities and amenities which Banyan Ridge offers are hard to find. As development of Timberland Heights continues and it becomes increasingly more popular, homes there will be of premium value meaning that those that already own a home there, will see steep increases in the home’s value.

Owning a home outside of the city does not just provide for a more relaxing lifestyle but it also plays a significant role in providing a healthier lifestyle, one where family members can breathe in fresh air instead of the smog of a city and wonder with nature instead of dodging traffic. The fact that the city is just minutes away though, means nothing that the city can offer needs to even be missed whilst enjoying a country lifestyle.

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